Improved Protein Expression

Pfenex Expression Technology® for Complex Protein Expression. Our flagship protein production platform, based on Pseudomonas fluorescens, has been widely adopted and leverages decades of experience in developing, improving, and advancing complex proteins used in human therapeutics. Antibody derivatives, recombinant therapeutic enzymes, vaccine antigens, and other modalities have all been enabled with the Pfenex platform, with five commercial product approvals to date.

Enhanced RNA Polymerases

Our entry into developing enzymatic synthesis technologies for nucleic acids began with the creation of superior RNA polymerases that improve yields, reduce costs and deliver higher quality mRNA drug substance. Prima RNApols™ are the most efficient RNA polymerases available with an emphasis on long-template applications and flexibility in incorporating 5’ caps for unmatched performance.

Carrier Proteins for Vaccines and Therapeutics

The PeliCRM197® Carrier Protein. Produced using our Pfenex Expression Technology, PeliCRM197 is the industry leading CRM197 in the market used in conjugate vaccines, immunotherapies, and other novel applications. It is the only CRM197 used in commercial products available for purchase.